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This is a sample of the Vital Signs newsletter, a roundup of headlines about the health of Maine people, from the latest in staying well and treating disease to fresh developments from the halls of government, hospitals, and insurers. — BDN health editor Jackie Farwell

The top health stories this week:

Children snorting Smarties ‘not smart’ or new trend, but fears of nasal maggots overblown

One local expert described the widespread news coverage — particularly claims that snorting the candy could lead to maggots infesting the nose — as “outrageous” and “fear mongering.”

Shopping cart injuries send 66 kids to nation’s ERs each day, study finds

Every 22 minutes in the U.S., an injury from a shopping cart sends a child to the emergency room, according to new research that finds voluntary safety standards fail to protect kids in the grocery store.

Maine Medical Center, Waldo County General Hospital seek to open retail pharmacies

The pharmacies would be on the grounds of each hospital, but would operate as retail businesses and be open to any consumers, not just hospital patients.

More than 300 fall ill on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Coastal BDN reporter Bill Trotter says on Twitter that the ship is due to make two visits each in Portland and Bar Harbor this year

From our bloggers

Diane Atwood, Catching Health

His First Heart Attack Happened Before His Thirtieth Birthday

Justin Faloon was lucky. He could have died, especially because he waited 20 minutes or more before dialing 911.

Pattie Reaves, After the Couch

What I experienced in my first trimester (besides the nausea)

Yesterday was the day I hit four-months pregnant.

Jim LaPierre, Recovery Rocks

Why We Can’t Save Anyone but Ourselves

“The only person I’ve ever saved is me. I help people save themselves. If they’re willing to do the work they get better.”

From the source

U.S. CDC: In 2012, more than one in four families experienced financial burdens of medical care.

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