Vital Signs newsletter: Insurers seek modest rate increases

Some feared health insurance premiums would skyrocket under the Affordable Care Act. But the two insurers selling plans to Maine consumers want to raise rates just modestly in 2015, well below the double-digit hikes seen in previous years. The proposed rates offer a tentative first look at how much insurers seek to charge during the second year of, a cornerstone of the health reform law. Experts cautioned that the rates remain subject to change and regulatory approval.

Maine insurers selling Affordable Care Act plans seek rate increases in 2015

Other top health stories this week:

With 176 deaths in 2013, drug fatalities in Maine continue to rise

Thirteen more people died in Maine from drug overdoses and related abuse last year than in 2012, according to figures released by the Maine Attorney General’s Office. Of the 176 deaths, 105 were attributable to prescription opiates and 34 were caused by heroin.

Pen Bay says inspection after patient’s death found no fault with hospital

The hospital filed a report in January about an unexpected death of a patient. Mark Biscone, the interim chief executive officer, said Pen Bay passed a resulting federal inspection “with flying colors.”

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New data from Gallup shows the nation’s uninsured rate fell 22 percent since Obamacare kicked in.

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