Vital Signs: Maine records spike in tick-borne diseases

Many Mainers know about Lyme disease. But the deer tick that spreads the increasingly prevalent infection can also harbor several other diseases in its tiny eight-legged body.

Maine has confirmed 103 cases of the bacterial infection anaplasmosis this year, already exceeding the 94 cases recorded in all of 2013. Anaplasmosis can lead to similar long-term effects as Lyme disease without a proper diagnosis, including neurological and joint problems and kidney failure. Maine has also recorded 20 cases of babesiosis, a parasitic infection carried by ticks.

“It just always stuns me, walking around here, the utter disregard for ticks,” said Dick Atlee of Southwest Harbor, who contracted anaplasmosis in 2009. “People just walking around with shorts and halter tops. You wonder what are they thinking.”

Maine records spike in diseases carried by ticks, not just Lyme
How to prevent a tick bite

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