Vital Signs: Nurse Kaci Hickox details Ebola mission

The Vital Signs newsletter is back in the saddle this week, wishing you all a healthy 2015.

The new year brings us a familiar face: Kaci Hickox, the Maine nurse who garnered international attention after defying quarantine orders in two states. She spoke in South Portland on Tuesday about her experience treating Ebola patients at the heart of the devastating outbreak in West Africa.

On her first day treating patients in Sierra Leone, Hickox recalled asking a woman if anyone in her family had been stricken with Ebola. “Her response to me was, ‘17 of my family members have died in the last two months,’” Hickox said.

After her presentation, the conversation turned to Hickox’s reception upon returning to the U.S., with a fellow nurse in the audience challenging her defiance of government officials.

Kaci Hickox, Maine nurse who defied quarantine, details Ebola mission

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