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Vital Signs newsletter: Lawmakers debate your health

Apparently it’s “controversial health legislation” week in Augusta. While bills related to Mainers’ health spark plenty of debate throughout the legislative session — see “Medicaid expansion” — lawmakers tackled a spate of proposals this week that could affect your physical well-being. First out of the gate was a bill to ban the use of electronic cigarettes, or “vaping,” in public […]

How to choose a primary care doctor in Maine


Do you have a primary care doctor? The Affordable Care Act relies on the trusted family doctor to help transform the country’s health care system. Along with boosting Medicare and Medicaid payments to primary care providers and investing in their work force, health reform puts primary care doctors and nurses at the heart of efforts to improve care while lowering costs. […]

Vital Signs newsletter: Maine organics groups join suit against USDA

Two Maine groups representing organic farmers have joined a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, arguing the agency undercut the organic certification program by changing the rules without public comment. The lawsuit concerns the process by which the USDA takes synthetic or natural materials off its list of ingredients prohibited in certified organic products. The board that oversees […]

Baby chicks are cute, but salmonella isn’t

Source: Metro Creative Connection

Baby chicks may look adorable all nestled in Easter baskets this weekend, but bacteria could be hiding in those downy yellow feathers. The little fuzz balls can carry salmonella, the germ we most often associate with eggs and undercooked poultry. Sorry Peeps, I feel like this gal writing about it today, but I think it’s worth spreading the word. […]

Vital Signs newsletter: Maine’s chief health officer resigns

Sorry for the delay today folks, technical issues gummed up the works this morning. With no further ado… Maine’s public health agency typically works behind the scenes, encouraging vaccination and healthy habits, shoring up disaster expertise and supplies, and supporting local health promotion programs. Historically, the agency made headlines only when an infectious disease or other health […]

Vital Signs newsletter: Lengthy antibiotics for Lyme

For many patients with Lyme disease, an extended course of antibiotics brings blessed relief from long-lasting and debilitating symptoms. But the medical mainstream cautions against such treatment, contending there’s no evidence it diminishes Lyme symptoms and gives patients false hope. Bill Whitten of North Yarmouth has explored many “alternative treatments” for Lyme disease. He’s been stung […]