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Vital Signs newsletter: Maine’s chief health officer resigns

Sorry for the delay today folks, technical issues gummed up the works this morning. With no further ado… Maine’s public health agency typically works behind the scenes, encouraging vaccination and healthy habits, shoring up disaster expertise and supplies, and supporting local health promotion programs. Historically, the agency made headlines only when an infectious disease or other health […]

Vital Signs newsletter: Lengthy antibiotics for Lyme

For many patients with Lyme disease, an extended course of antibiotics brings blessed relief from long-lasting and debilitating symptoms. But the medical mainstream cautions against such treatment, contending there’s no evidence it diminishes Lyme symptoms and gives patients false hope. Bill Whitten of North Yarmouth has explored many “alternative treatments” for Lyme disease. He’s been stung […]

Vital Signs newsletter: Health advocates oppose LePage budget

Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget brought health advocates and hospital lobbyists out in force this week to decry proposed cuts to their programs. Hospital representatives lined up on Wednesday to tell legislators that the budget would undercut the state’s health care system and put hospitals deeper in debt. Two days earlier, health groups, doctors, and others […]