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Bangor hospital drops remote ICU program

Eastern Maine Medical Center plans to discontinue a program that connects nurses treating intensive care patients throughout the region to specialists in Bangor. The Critical Care Connection service, established in 2008, will cease effective June 20, the hospital announced in a Tuesday news release. Insurers don’t reimburse hospitals for the service, limiting the number of medical centers that could […]

Maine hospitals tops again in safety ranking

A national hospital safety group is asking Americans to imagine this: The populations of Miami or Atlanta are simply wiped out. That’s how many Americans die every year from preventable hospital errors – up to 440,000 patients, making such errors the third-leading cause of death in the country. The Leapfrog Group, an employer-led hospital watchdog organization, ranks how well hospitals prevent medical errors, assigning letter […]

As EMMC faces shortfall, parent organization touts financial rating

Less than a week after Bangor’s Eastern Maine Medical Center announced a $7 million shortfall, its parent organization is touting a healthy balance sheet and strong financial future. How can that be? Here’s a closer look. Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems issued a press release Wednesday announcing that Standard & Poor’s issued a “positive outlook” for the […]

Reaction swift to Oregon Medicaid study showing more ER use

Critics of expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act are jumping on a new study released Thursday that undermines a chief argument for boosting the rolls of the government health insurance program for the poor. The study, published in the journal Science, found that newly insured Medicaid recipients visited emergency departments significantly more than the […]

OBGYN group has questioned robotic hysterectomies, offered at three Maine hospitals

Back in March, a leading obstetrician-gynecologists group questioned the use of surgical robots for routine hysterectomies, citing a study that found robots led to no better results than other procedures but cost much more. “There is no good data proving that robotic hysterectomy is even as good as—let alone better—than existing, and far less costly, […]